BeWitchy Love Witch Soy Candle


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BeWitchy Love Witch Soy Candle

Ingredients: Essential oils (secret squirrel recipe), soy wax, rose petals.

How do you make this candle work it’s magic?

Light the candle in a quiet spot. Our suggestions are as follows:
Close your eyes, chant what you want to happen ie
If you want new love say “Bring new true love to me, so mote it be”.
If you want to re-ignite a fading love “Reignite our love so true, so happy, so mote it be”.
To promote self love “Bright and cheery, I love myself”.
As a glamour “People will see only the beautiful me”.

Alternatively you can recite your own wording whilst visualising what you want to achieve.

Our Recycle Initiative

DID YOU KNOW?! If you return the jar to us, we will refund you $1 for the jar and $1 towards to postage or your costs to get it to us. That’s $2 for helping us recycle!


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